For those of you who’ve been wondering, yes, I’m still writing. I turned in my Kansas set Western Romance last week and I know feel as though I can breathe and begin to think about the next story. I haven’t really experienced a hard deadline crunch prior to this one, so I never fully understood the late nights and crossed eyes I’ve heard so much about. Now I do, which has given me a better understanding of myself as an author.

During the time since I signed the contract for this latest book, mid Novemberish, a lot has happened. A lot of things that probably would have kept me from writing. BUT GOD, but God granted me the determination to keeping pounding out the words. He also gave me an awesome, wonderful group of supporters who helped me through and an kept telling me I could do it. Thank you!!!!

I am now determined to become that full-time author, traditionally and independently. I have several pieces in the works, one just needs the edits to be added to the computer, others are in various stages of the writing process, and I’m really excited to get them polished and published.

Before I started writing this bog post, I read over a prayer sent to me some time ago and it gave a wonderful feeling inside knowing that there are readers actively praying for me. I covet your prayer.So if you think about it, please pray for me, as a human, as a minister, as a wife, as a mother, as an author. And please feel free to send me your prayers. It bring joy and comfort to my spirit and it increases my faith.




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