Dance With Me Where the Jellyfish Glow

When Ettie Mae Porter was fifteen her mother abandoned her and her father uprooted her and moved her to Kansas. Ten years of pain and rejection has left her heart scarred and searching for a place to call home. After she receives a phone call about her grandfather’s passing, she returns to her childhood home only to find old friends waiting to break through her impenetrable walls of anxiety. Their overwhelming attention has her on the edge of freaking out and ready to run back to Kansas.

Jackson Lee Davis has never forgotten the carefree girl he loved as a teen and intended on marrying after she graduated high school. When she shows up unexpectedly at his father’s hotel, due to his sister’s scheming, he can’t help but swoop in and rescue her. Unable to help himself, he falls right back into the role of a suitor and tries to convince her home is in Biloxi with him, but first he has to convince her that romance isn’t just a script written for movies, and hope like crazy she’ll believe love is possible, especially between them.

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