Interviews and Reviews

Below you’ll find a list of interviews and articles I have written. Some may be similar but they all have new nuggets. I hope you enjoy them.


Seekerville Posts

Really, I Sold!

Beating Repetition out of Dialogue Tags

First Lines, Great Beginnings



Debut Author: The Guardian’s Promise by Christina Rich

Harlequin SOLD! – Selling the Unsellable


 Guest Blogs

Lena Nelson Dooley- A Christian Writer’s World Characters Who Grip Your Heart

Heroine Interview from The Guardian’s Promise

Writing Straight

The Message Within

Reading, Writing and the Stuff In-Between

Hallee Bridgeman

Fiction Hero Features: Ari

Seriously Write: Keys to Success

The Most Important Thing

ACFW Fiction Finder

@ Misty Beller




Journey to Publication

Best Reads (2010-2014)

RT Book Review

For Barnes & Noble and Amazon you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the reviews.

Barnes & Noble




Television Interview

WIBW News @ 4



Coming soon


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