Western Romance

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Love at Twenty PacesLove at Twenty Paces

Pinkerton detective Garrison McGuire is a man on a mission: find his orphaned nieces, ensure their well-being, and return to Chicago’s darkest alleyways where he can appease his conscience. Unfortunately, he can’t help the pull he feels to the woman who gambles, misquotes scripture and rescues orphans.

Darbigal O’Donnell never had much use for God after her parents traded her for a pick-axe and a shovel, but that doesn’t stop her from carrying on the legacy of the godly man who rescued her from a life of prostitution by saving young girls in similar situations, even if it means breaking the law. When she robs a train on its way to Coaly Creek and shoots the wrong man, she begins to discover there is more to life than revenge.

Can this hard-edged detective soften enough to admit his unconditional love to the outlaw who won his heart and the children she protects?

14468167_10210766282260301_9027131189025094288_oDear Author

When Janie Mason agrees to write editorials featuring the eligible bachelors of Hopper Falls, she hopes for an opportunity to write about the injustices plaguing their free-state

community and the man whose family is responsible for instilling fear in the hearts of good folks. She never thought she’d find herself in a compromising situation with the object of her disdain.

No stranger to the gossip-mongers, Alec Dunn knows the best course of action is to pay them no heed, but when the object of the town’s pointing fingers is cast from her home, his sense of honor demands he rescue her, even if it means taking her hand in marriage.

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A Riot of Romance

From its first word, this story is a delight. The editorial writer writes about bachelors and falls for the one her drunken father forces to marry her. The syntax and local color is endearing and plain fun.

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The Negotiated MarriageThe Negotiated Marriage

A Business Arrangement 

When the railroad pushes to buy her land, orphaned Cameron Sims will do anything to keep the only home she and her sisters have ever known. Even if she must marry a stranger. But she’s determined her agreement with the mysterious, dashing man—who’s unlike anything the Kansas railroad town has ever seen—will remain simply business.

Duncan Murray doesn’t want a wife. He wants Sims Creek, a sanctuary that can help him forget a troubled childhood. But his reluctant, and captivating, bride-to-be is key to making his dreams a reality. And despite their business arrangement, Camy and Duncan might be signing on the dotted line for true love…



Beginning to end, it was excellent

What a good storyline! The author started off with a bang and just kept it going all through the book. In fact, closer to the end when the mystery hit the high point and trust became a big issue, I couldn’t stop reading until the book ended. No dinner, no dishes, no duties could keep me from reading this book. The story is written with great feeling and the development of characters is excellent.

Dorothy – Amazon