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Author Jodie Wolfe & Taming Julia

I want to welcome Jodie Wolfe and thank her for being the first of my Kansas Connections' guest author, and what better day to introduce this feature than with a romance that releases, today, Valentine's Day. Jodie, can you tell us what the theme is for Taming Julia? I think a lot of Christians are… Continue reading Author Jodie Wolfe & Taming Julia

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Surrending the Past for A Bright Future ~ Lisa Belcastro

Please welcome Lisa Belcastro back to Threefold Strand!! Welcome, Lisa!!!! Betrayal and loss. Pain and grief. Is there anyone alive who hasn’t experienced loss? Or Betrayal? And the pain and grief that follows? How do we go on after a husband’s affair, the death of a spouse, a friend’s backstabbing, a child’s rebellion, a pink… Continue reading Surrending the Past for A Bright Future ~ Lisa Belcastro

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Lisa Belcastro and a Giveaway

Please welcome back Lisa Belcastro! For two years, Tess Roberts has longed for Hawk, her father’s first mate, to glance her way. With vivid clarity, she can recall the exact moment she placed her hand in his eight hundred and thirty-seven days ago. She was climbing up the gangway to board the Shenandoah, and there… Continue reading Lisa Belcastro and a Giveaway

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Lisa Belacastro and A Giveaway

What would you do if you fell asleep in your bed and woke up in a strange place two hundred years earlier? Scream? Pray? Cry? Try to go back to sleep? In Shenandoah Nights, Rebecca O’Neill finds herself transported from present day Martha’s Vineyard to 1775 colonial Boston. She has a choice to make: will… Continue reading Lisa Belacastro and A Giveaway

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2nd Day of Christmas ~ Jolene Navarro

The Winner of Gail Gaymer Martin's prize package is Melanie Pike. Congratulations, Melanie. Now, on to Jolene's Christmas memory. Sometimes you don’t realize how special a moment in time is, until tragedy happens and a singular image becomes a precious memory you can’t recapture. Christmas of 1995 became one of my favorite memories, not because… Continue reading 2nd Day of Christmas ~ Jolene Navarro

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1st Day of Christmas ~ Gail Gaymer Martin

Christmas is filled with wonderful memories, a time of family, fun and signing. We gather on Christmas day at someone’s house, everyone contributing to the dinner, children opening gifts and adults playing the game sometimes called White Elephant, Dirty Santa, or Yankee Swap. A gift of selecting and unwrapping a gift and the next person… Continue reading 1st Day of Christmas ~ Gail Gaymer Martin

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24 Days of Christmas (Giveaways)

I love Christmas! The sights, sounds, and smells. Cool winter nights in a horse drawn carriage. Huddling beneath a cozy blanket with the love of my life. Food, The Nutcracker,  Shopping, Yeah, not so much on the shopping. Although I love giving gifts, I really dislike shopping. And wrapping. But that's okay, I found a… Continue reading 24 Days of Christmas (Giveaways)

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Finding That Uncommon Love

 I grew up in a family were divorce is common, like most people today, with the idea once you “fall” out of love, and you can’t get along  anymore, it’s time to get a divorce. It was almost engraved in me witnessing everyone in my family get divorced one time or many times. I, too,… Continue reading Finding That Uncommon Love

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Grace Is The Reason for Joy to The World by Ada Brownell

Please welcome Ada Brownell to my blog as she writes about Uncommon Grace     GRACE IS THE REASON FOR JOY TO THE WORLD By Ada Brownell       One of the most amazing testimonies of God’s grace is the redemption of John Newton from slave trader to composer of the beloved hymn, “Amazing Grace.” How… Continue reading Grace Is The Reason for Joy to The World by Ada Brownell

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Author Bruce Judisch Interview & Book Give Away (part III)

First, let me apologize for taking so long to announce the winner of Bruce Judisch's For Maria. Life got really hectic and then computer woes. Anyway, the winner of For Maria is Diane Dean White! Diane, please contact me with your snail mail information.   Now on to the my final interview with Bruce Judisch on… Continue reading Author Bruce Judisch Interview & Book Give Away (part III)