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  • Research- King Joash- Given By the Lord

    It’s Thursday, the day when I’m supposed to talk about a research find. First, I’ll tell you researching for Biblical fiction isn’t easy. There are tons of varying theories on all sorts of things and whether we want to believe it or not there are some contradictory scriptures. Let’s just look at these two scriptures.…

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  • Exciting Research Find

    As I was writing a scene yesterday I typed a word that I had no idea if it even existed during my time period. I was 99.9% positive it had, but I needed to be 100%. scissors-origin 1350-1400 derives from the medieval Latin word cisoria ( wasn’t my first choice for research, instead I…

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  • Kansas Pioneer Encounters

    One of the best research tools I’ve found for Kansas Pioneers has been Books of the Kansas Collection. Most of them are diaries written by pioneers. Some are stories passed along. All the ones I’ve come across have been very entertaining. The following excerpts come from one woman’s account. You can tell from her musings she…

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  • Insignificant Tree, What A Blessing

    Abraham planted a tamarisk tree in Beersheba, and there he called upon the name of the Lord, the Eternal God. Genesis 21:33 I had intended today’s blog to be on names, but during my morning devotions I came across the word tamarisk. Due to my curious nature, I couldn’t allow the word to pass by…

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  • Kansas Rattlesnakes

    Then I had my first introduction to rattlesnakes. I was sitting in the door, and the children were playing just outside when I heard that horrible rattle. I did not have to be told what it was. I grabbed the children into the house and put them up on the bed, and took hold of…

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  • The Little Things

    We spend hours filling out character sheets and plotting our story. We know each character has a job to do in order propel the story forward to the dramatic end. We plot carefully to make sure every chapter, scene, paragraph, sentence, and word does its job. But what about the little things?  A few months ago, I…

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