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  • Exciting News!!!

    Did the title grab your attention? I hope so. Yes, I have some author news, but bear with me a moment or two. Do you like receiving newsletters from your favorite authors? I do. Yes, believe it or not I subscribe to several authors. Why? Because I want to be in the know, and receiving…

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  • Cover Reveal

    Cover Reveal

    Coming September 26, 2023 A Family for The Twins Welcome to the cover reveal for A Family for The Twins. Do you like cover reveals as much as most authors enjoy receiving their covers from their publishing houses? I have to say I was excited when I saw an email notifying me that my cover…

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  • Cover Reveal!!!

    For an author there is nothing more exciting than… well, several things. Getting the call, signing a contract, receiving edits, reading reviews (sometimes), and of course seeing the art department bring your book to life. I love every cover Love Inspired has created for my stories, and here is the latest, due out November 8,…

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  • Cover Reveal~The Guardian’s Promise

    There are several milestones an author waits for, and then celebrates. The first ‘The End‘. The first contest. The first conference. The first pitch. The first query. The first request. The Call. The contract signing. The first round of edits. The official title. And…. as of today I’ve been waiting to see my book cover…

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