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  • 15th Day of Christmas~Debby Giusti

    The Winner of Virginia’s prize is Jennifer Hallmark. Congratulations, Jennifer. Now, on to Debby’s Christmas memory. Living the Christmas Story By Debby Giusti Many years ago, God gave me a special gift at Christmas…the gift of a child. I was due to deliver my second little one on December 19th and was convinced baby and…

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  • 24 Days of Christmas (Giveaways)

    I love Christmas! The sights, sounds, and smells. Cool winter nights in a horse drawn carriage. Huddling beneath a cozy blanket with the love of my life. Food, The Nutcracker,  Shopping, Yeah, not so much on the shopping. Although I love giving gifts, I really dislike shopping. And wrapping. But that’s okay, I found a…

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  • Hook Me In the Beginning

    Since today is supposed to focus on writing, I thought I’d talk about hooks. So, what is a hook? I love the following definition from Merriam-Webster. to seize or make fast with a hook I like this one, too: . . . for catching, holding or pulling Both apply when it comes to terms of…

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