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  • 7th Day of Christmas~Lily George

    The Winner of Katy Lee’s prize is Stephanie Sullivan. Congratulations, Stephanie. Now, on to Katy’s Christmas memory. A Christmas Memory Growing up, I was as enchanted by the Christmas season as every child is. But I was so enamored of it, day by day, that I was reluctant to shut off the magic of the…

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  • 24 Days of Christmas (Giveaways)

    I love Christmas! The sights, sounds, and smells. Cool winter nights in a horse drawn carriage. Huddling beneath a cozy blanket with the love of my life. Food, The Nutcracker,  Shopping, Yeah, not so much on the shopping. Although I love giving gifts, I really dislike shopping. And wrapping. But that’s okay, I found a…

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