NaNoWriMo – Published Works (Mine Included)

Have y'all heard of NanoWrimo? I'm sure a lot of you have, but for those of you who haven't NanoWrimo is short for National Novel Writing Month. It occurs every year in November. Writers from all over the world, thousands upon thousands of writers, sign up and sit down to pound out 50,000 words in… Continue reading NaNoWriMo – Published Works (Mine Included)


Day 7 NaNo and Guest Blogging

Today looks like a busy day. As Tina Radcliffe reminded me yesterday, the realities of a writer's life begins. It's a little daunting but I'm up for the challenge. Things I hope to accomplish today: 1. Try and write as close to 4500 words on my new ms as possible. I don't have high hopes… Continue reading Day 7 NaNo and Guest Blogging

NaNoWriMo, Writing

NaNoWriMo: End of Day 4

Well, I didn't quite reach my goal of 6668, but I moved in closer with a total of 5022. And I'm really liking the way the story is moving. I still haven't sat down to plot it out. I hope to do that soon, but for right now this typical pantser is going to enjoy… Continue reading NaNoWriMo: End of Day 4