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For a Lifetime ~ Patricia Johns

I was reading a gossip magazine a few months ago, and an actress was talking about her recent engagement. "Oh, I hope I don't sound too soppy," she gushed. "But I really do believe that he and I are meant to be... at this point in our lives." OUCH. At this point in our lives?… Continue reading For a Lifetime ~ Patricia Johns

24 Days of Christmas, Author Event

16th Day of Christmas~Patricia Johns

The Winner of Debby’s prize is Piper. Congratulations, Piper! Now, on to Patricia’s Christmas memory. My favorite Christmas memory is a little bit bitter sweet. I was pregnant with a very complicated pregnancy. My only pregnancy. I was excited, terrified, proud, uncertain... My parents were visiting from across the country, and we were all at… Continue reading 16th Day of Christmas~Patricia Johns