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  • Lisa Belacastro and A Giveaway

    What would you do if you fell asleep in your bed and woke up in a strange place two hundred years earlier? Scream? Pray? Cry? Try to go back to sleep? In Shenandoah Nights, Rebecca O’Neill finds herself transported from present day Martha’s Vineyard to 1775 colonial Boston. She has a choice to make: will…

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  • Susan Paige Davis

    The Charm Bracelet is a lighthearted romance in which Lisa Archer, a commercial artist, comes to terms with her love life. The man she has been dating for several years, Bryan, had gifted her with a lovely charm bracelet. Though he keeps adding to her collection of charms, Bryan seems to have no plans for…

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  • The Guardian’s Promise ~ Threefold Strand

    If you open my book to the opening scripture, you’ll see this: There was a time when being a Christian meant I had to go to church every Sunday and Wednesday and every other day church was open. It meant I wore skirts. It meant I bowed my head and closed my eyes when I…

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  • For a Lifetime ~ Patricia Johns

    I was reading a gossip magazine a few months ago, and an actress was talking about her recent engagement. “Oh, I hope I don’t sound too soppy,” she gushed. “But I really do believe that he and I are meant to be… at this point in our lives.” OUCH. At this point in our lives?…

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  • Threefold Strand

    I believe the most important aspect in our lives is the faith strand, especially in our relationships. Ecclesiastes 4:12 says that a threefold strand is not easily broken. I praise God for the Jesus loving man I married, and I know he is grateful that I call the Lord my friend as well, and not…

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