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14th Day of Christmas~Virginia Carmichael

The Winner of Rhonda’s prize is BrandiD. Congratulations, Brandi! Now, on to Virginia’s Christmas memory.  My favorite Christmas memory is three-fold. My mom always made plates and plates of Christmas cookies. Sugar cookies and gingerbread men and spritzers with red hots and Russian tea cakes. I have vivid memories of how it covered one end of the… Continue reading 14th Day of Christmas~Virginia Carmichael

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24 Days of Christmas (Giveaways)

I love Christmas! The sights, sounds, and smells. Cool winter nights in a horse drawn carriage. Huddling beneath a cozy blanket with the love of my life. Food, The Nutcracker,  Shopping, Yeah, not so much on the shopping. Although I love giving gifts, I really dislike shopping. And wrapping. But that's okay, I found a… Continue reading 24 Days of Christmas (Giveaways)

Book Review

Season of Joy by Virginia Carmichael (Review)

I'm sure I've told y'all before, I don't read very many contemporaries. Scratch that. I don't finish reading very many contemporaries, but I believe Virginia Carmichael is persuading me to broaden my horizons a little more. Shelter For Everyone As the holiday season approaches wealthy CEO Calista Sheffield wants to give instead of receive. So… Continue reading Season of Joy by Virginia Carmichael (Review)

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NaNO/NaNES Pantser turned Plotter

I'm so over the panic. I only have 13 days to make up a little over 39,000 words. NO PROBLEM, none whatsoever. Okay, so maybe I'm a little freaked. Typically I wouldn't care, but I really want to write this story. I don't usually have problems producing word count, but for some reason it's like… Continue reading NaNO/NaNES Pantser turned Plotter