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  • Kansas Territory ~ Sack of Lawrence

    I sure do hope y’all aren’t getting tired of my Kansas posts. I know they seem to be going on forever and ever, but there was a lot going on in this territory in 1856, which eventually led up to the War between the States. If you remember from my last post, Thomas Barber, an…

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  • Kansas Territory ~ Bleeding Kansas

    This whole Bleeding Kansas topic is a hard one to follow. One minute Kansas was a free-state territory, the next pro-slavery, only to find themselves free-staters again. Problem was most of the pro-slavery population weren’t even Kansans, they were Missourians and South Carolinians and whateverians. They weren’t there for the long haul, they were there…

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  • Kansas Territory ~ Conflict for Freedom

    If you recall from my previous post, the Kansas-Nebraska Act allowed the settlers in Kansas and Nebraska to decided through ‘Popular Sovereignty’ whether they would be free or slave states. But before they could become a state they first had to adopt a state constitution. A task not easy in the best of circumstances, but…

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  • What Now?

    Now that LATP is out on submission, I don’t dare stop. What I mean by that is I must move on to the next story. My dilemma, which one? I already have another story in the revision process which is taking me a little longer than I would like, but that is all right. I’m after a…

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  • Kansas Pioneer Encounters

    One of the best research tools I’ve found for Kansas Pioneers has been Books of the Kansas Collection. Most of them are diaries written by pioneers. Some are stories passed along. All the ones I’ve come across have been very entertaining. The following excerpts come from one woman’s account. You can tell from her musings she…

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