The Narrative

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart~~William Wordsworth

Red Shoes

I stand in the ring in the dead city and tie on the red shoes They are not mine, they are my mother’s, her mother’s before, handed down like an heirloom but hidden in shameful letters. Anne Sexton Fragments of words, broken phrases, missing places….some of you will recognize and know what is missing, others… Continue reading Red Shoes

Book Trailer!!!

The Marshal’s Unexpected Bride has a book trailer!!! Made by the wonderful Shannon Moore Redmon.

Available for Pre-Order

The Marshal’s Unexpected Bride He sent for a nanny… and ended up with a mail-order bride. Marshal Beau Garrett penned a desperate ad for a nanny to wrangle the five unruly children he inherited. So why is this society miss at his jail claiming to be his betrothed? Penelope Parker thought the mail-order bride ad… Continue reading Available for Pre-Order


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