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“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” ~ Stephen King

So, you want to be a writer. Well, then, write. And write some more. And, don’t quit.

Your story matters. I can’t express this enough. YOUR STORY MATTERS. Somewhere, there is a person who needs to hear what you have to say. Seriously, if you’re a reader, and if you are a writer, then you better consider yourself a reader, think about the last book that resonated with you, the one that pulled at all your emotional strings, tied them in knots, unraveled those knots a little, only to tie them in some more knots and leave you thinking about what’s really important in life. How did that story affect you? Which of your morals did it force you to question? Now, consider how your story, the one that matters, will affect others.

Below, you’ll find several resources on writing. Some will be in book format, some through websites, and others through social media follows. Plus, I have software links for the different writing programs I like to use.

AND, at the bottom of the page, you’ll find workshops I offer on writing. Hopefully these aren’t your typical workshops, but ones that help you gather all your little idiosyncrasies and help you think outside the box to create a magnificent story.

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Craft Books

These are all books I have in my library, physical and audiobooks.


These are sites I visit regularly for my own personal learning.

Jamie Gold- Worksheets for Writers

Master Class 16 Writing Tips for Beginners

Master Class How to Structure a Story

Master Class Character Development


I use these two pieces of software, along with Microsoft Word in my daily writing.

Christina is a multi-published author in historical romance, contemporary romance and nonfiction. She is a former contest junkie whose works have been finalists and winners in multiple contests. She now takes every opportunity she can to volunteer as a writing contest judge. She loves brainstorming new ideas and being challenged to step out of preconceived boxes. Her first contract stemmed from a query letter contest, and she has since sold multiple stories based on winning premises.

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Strategies for Writing to Contests

Have you ever entered a contest or wanted to? This workshop may not get your work as a finalist, but it will help you be strategic about which contests to enter and how to write specifically for that contest. She’ll discuss evaluating your goal and risk vs. reward, entering the correct categories, writing opening and closing hooks, adding your synopsis, submitting your entry and evaluating the results.

Options available:

  1. Access to the file.
  2. Available January 2, 2024: An interactive one-on-one with comments as if Christina is a participating judge, up to 15 pages.

3. Available January 2, 2024: Contest judge first 5 pages evaluation.

4. Available January 2, 2024: Contest judge first 15-pages evaluation.

5. Available January 2, 2024: Contest judge first 30-pages evaluation.

Please note, there will be limited spots available. If you’re interested, please contact Christina through the contact form to reserve your spot.

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This Ain’t no Ted Talk: Something Tried and True into Something New

Are you tired of hearing editors and agent say they want something fresh and new? This interactive workshop encourages authors to explore possibilities of an old idea and expand it into a premise that is sure to catch the eye of publishing professionals.

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Coming soon

Write from Where?

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