When the Stars Go Dim

I recently bought a book on Wattpad, a community of writers and readers, and decided to try and build readership by posting chapters of a new story that began as a creative non-fiction piece. If you want to see what Wattpad is about go to the link provided and see my story. You can also… Continue reading When the Stars Go Dim


I Am the Sheriff of Nottingham

“Announce yourself.” White clouded eyes peered around a threadbare blanket serving as a door giving me pause. I took a step back and looked for the familiar tree I climbed as a boy. Thirty years had changed the branches, but no doubt thirty years had changed me as well. “I am the Sheriff of Nottingham.”… Continue reading I Am the Sheriff of Nottingham

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It Is Well

I've received a few messages from readers looking forward to my next book. Thank you for your encouragement. It's been a little harder than I believed it would be to write, but I'm pushing through life, the lack of motivation and time constraints. Even if I only type 50 new words, it's progress, and each… Continue reading It Is Well


A Prayer from A Reader

And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma. Ephesians 5:2 I received a lovely surprise in the mail today; a card from a reader who has yet to read my book. What's so special about this card?… Continue reading A Prayer from A Reader


So You Want to Be A Writer (Part II)

Are you reading? It doesn't matter what you're reading, just read. It can be the newspaper, blogs, books, lots and lots of books. I read mostly historical romance books, but I do step outside of my box every now and then to read other things like Sherlock Holmes and autobiographies. I also like to read… Continue reading So You Want to Be A Writer (Part II)


So You Want to Be A Writer (Part I)

I'm asked all the time how to get started writing. Most recently I sent an email out to a special young girl who is aspiring to be a writer this last week and I thought I'd share parts of it here with you. Writing isn't an easy career and it's not one to do if… Continue reading So You Want to Be A Writer (Part I)

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Delight Yourself in the Lord

For the last year I've been struggling with my writing. Between life getting in the way and the loss of  my awesome critique partners due to their lives getting in the way of their writing, I've been floundering. Finding a new critique group has taken a few adjustments and getting used to. Their styles vary… Continue reading Delight Yourself in the Lord

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The Little Things

We spend hours filling out character sheets and plotting our story. We know each character has a job to do in order propel the story forward to the dramatic end. We plot carefully to make sure every chapter, scene, paragraph, sentence, and word does its job. But what about the little things?  A few months ago, I… Continue reading The Little Things