How About a Little Fun?

Several weeks ago my editor asked for a list of possible titles. Now, I should state that I have never had one of my titles chosen, which is why I never marry myself to a work in progress title.

As a reminder, here is the blurb and the working title. Below the blurb is the list I sent to the editor. What title would you have come up with? Which title you would have chosen? What title do you think the marketing team chose?

Penelope Parker and Beau Garrett

When Penelope Parker discovers her father’s plans to marry her to his greedy and murderous business partner, she decides to take action to save her life. Seeing a mail order bride ad, she packs her bags and travels west to meet her new husband. However, when she arrives, she discovers her future husband isn’t looking for a wife, but a nanny for several small children, too which she has no experience caring for. 

After inheriting five young wards, Beau Garrett is in desperate need of a nanny in order to maintain his employment as Oak Grove’s City Marshal. However, when he entrusts his nephews with the task of delivering his ad, he never expects them to incorporate the assistance of the church ladies in procuring him a wife, a wife he doesn’t know he wants.

The Marshal’s Mail Order Bride

His Unexpected Mail Order Bride

The Mail Order Bride’s Marshal

The Marshal’s Unexpected Bride

A Mail Order Bride for the Marshal

The Order Bride and Her Marshal

The Marshal and His Mail Order Bride

The Marshal’s Match

The Mail Order Bride gets A Family

Miss Penelope’s Marshal

Miss Parker’s Marshal

A Family for Miss Parker

A Bride for the Marshal

The Marshal and the Unexpected Bride

The Marshal and the Unexpected Miss Parker

The Marshal, the Orphans, and Miss Parker

The Waifs, the Marshal, and Miss Parker

Miss Penelope Prudence Parker, Mail Order Bride

Miss Parker and the Marshal

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