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  • What is An Author?

    What is An Author?

    When I first dipped my toes into the world of writing, there was a great deal of excitement. It was as if I had been given a beautiful ball gown and a pair of clear crystal shoes, and then the clock struck midnight and it all vanished into thin air. Melancholy quickly replaced the excitement.…

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  • The Red Shoes

    The Red Shoes

    I stand in the ring in the dead city and tie on the red shoes They are not mine, they are my mother’s, her mother’s before, handed down like an heirloom but hidden in shameful letters. Anne Sexton Fragments of words, broken phrases, missing places….some of you will recognize and know what is missing, others…

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  • Stay tuned

    for some exciting news!!!!

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  • Wanna Free Book?

    Some of you know that I have a new book coming out in July!! I should be getting my author copies anytime and I have a few spots left for anyone interested in being a part of my street team for The Warrior’s Vow. What is a Street Team? My team will help promote The…

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  • Confessions from A Contest Junkie

    I have a confession to make, but first I need to get a few things out of the way. 1. Happy Birthday, to my youngest!!!!! I pray it’s filled with many blessings. 2. I’m excited to say I’m guest blogging at The Sword and the Spirit . Stop by and leave a comment for a chance…

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  • Cover Reveal~The Guardian’s Promise

    There are several milestones an author waits for, and then celebrates. The first ‘The End‘. The first contest. The first conference. The first pitch. The first query. The first request. The Call. The contract signing. The first round of edits. The official title. And…. as of today I’ve been waiting to see my book cover…

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  • I DID IT!!

    If someone were to ask me how long I’ve been writing, I’d say for as long as I could remember. My first published piece appeared in my high school literary magazine. Something about three old men sitting on a park bench outside a cemetery. Very Edgar Allan Poeish, if I recall correctly. Fortunately, I believe…

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  • Hook Me In the Beginning

    Since today is supposed to focus on writing, I thought I’d talk about hooks. So, what is a hook? I love the following definition from Merriam-Webster. to seize or make fast with a hook I like this one, too: . . . for catching, holding or pulling Both apply when it comes to terms of…

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  • The University Novel

    I’m a bit late for the next writing segment, but I guess in this case it’s better late than never. Please accept my apologies. The first time I heard the term ‘university novel’ was after I had written my ‘university novel’. It wasn’t something that I needed to know before I completed that novel, but…

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